Photogravure Alain Gerbault by Marc Le Noir (Signed) 1930

  • Photogravure Alain Gerbalt
  • 1930
  • By Marc Le Noir
  • £75


Large Photogravure by the famous fashion photographer Marc Le Noir of Alain Gerbault signed by Gerbault 1930

Alain Jacques Georges Marie Gerbault was a French Sailor, writer, and tennis champion, who made a circumnavigation of the world as a single-handed sailor. He eventually settled in the islands of south Pacific Ocean, where he wrote several books about the islanders’ way of life. As a tennis player he was ranked the fifth on the French rankings in 1923. In pencil to the reverse “Gerbault Novelist”.

Large format beautifully mounted Photogravure (this process was used in the 19th century and only used in the 20th century for high quality finishes).

Measuring 39 x 29.5cms. Condition very good, note pin hole to corners, dated Fevrier 1930

A rare high-quality image

Price £75