Diadem Tennis Rackets

As the last American tennis brand, all of Diadem’s products are designed and developed in their global headquarters located in the heart of the hottest tennis market in the country – Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Their extensive research and rigorous testing process ensures that every product they develop meets superior levels of quality. Through their combined 100+ years of experience as tennis players and coaches, they’ve identified challenges in the industry where tennis equipment has failed its players, and developed the solutions to overcome those challenges.

Diadem rackets have the feel and performance that players of all standards will benefit from.

Diadem products are not available through sports shops or from online discount businesses, only through specifically chosen coaches.

Why not try out a racket? I have four demo models ready for you and many other stock items!

Why do Diadem rackets come unstrung? Simply – you hit with the strings not the racket! So chose the right string at the right tension.

Price List

  • Nova Lite 100 285g £189.99
  • Nova Lite 105 285g £169.99
  • Nova Ultra Lite 105 275g £149.99
  • Elevate 98 Lite 290g £142.99
  • Super 26 Junior Yellow £94.99
  • Rise 25 Junior Grey £94.99
  • Tour Nova Bag £89.99
  • Hoodies £49.99
  • T-shirts £19.99
  • Caps £14.99
  • Replacement Grips £7.99

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